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Belyea Colwell Daley Chartered Professional Accountants offers more than just the fundamental preparation of personal tax returns. We pride ourselves on really getting to know our clients. As a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants, we draw on that knowledge and our experience to examine a client’s complete tax situation to ensure the maximum allowable deductions are claimed. We provide advice in such areas as pension splitting, capital gains, investments, rental properties and businesses.

Many clients operate their businesses as a proprietorship; knowledge of these situations can provide tax planning opportunities. We can recommend if or when you should incorporate your business or recommend income splitting opportunities with family members.

Belyea Colwell Daley Chartered Professional Accountants has expertise dealing with the issues of deceased tax payers. In addition to the preparation of the final tax return, the estate of the deceased may have an ongoing intervivos trust or spousal trust that have special filing requirements. The death of a taxpayer can be a complex tax event. Having a knowledgeable and experienced advisor like Belyea Colwell Daley Chartered Professional Accountants can help you through this time.

  • Personal Income Tax Preparation
  • Proprietorship Accounting
  • Incorporation Decisions
  • Taxation of Capital Gains and Investments
  • Issues with Rental Properties
  • Death of a Taxpayer
  • Trusts